Cook with us and learn to create authentic Mediterranean dishes. We are using organic, locally produced meats and cheeses – all from small farms located in the area around Katalagari Village.
Fresh herbs and seasonal vegetables are from our own kitchen garden along with our home-made tasty home-made olive oil.

During our cooking classes we show how to transform these ingredients into delicious, authentic Cretan dishes using traditional cooking skills. We will be happy to share with our guests our love and passion for food including to recipes passed down over generations in our family.

 This experience can be booked for a min. of 4 participants at a time.

TUESDAYS 4pm - 6pm

Take a walk with us through our garden and gather with us herbs and spices as thyme, oregano, lemon verbena, sage, garlic, pepper seeds, chili peppers, orange or lemon zest and learn how we handle and use fragrant herbs to flavor our extra virgin olive oil to enhance the flavor of our dishes.
We will also gather and fresh and non-toxic herbs as for instance oregano, marjoram, lemon verbena, apple geranium or mint as well as dried herbs as the dittany of Crete (a Mediterranean herb related to marjoram and oregano) or sage for our herbal tea tasting.

The course includes:

·  Walking tour through our garden
·  Tasting tea herbs
·  Flavoring oil (100ml glass bottle)


15 EUR

FRIDAYS 2pm - 4pm

Follow us in the flavorful world of Cretan cheese during this cooking class and make your own fresh Tirozouli cheese. We are using fresh goat or sheep milk from small nearby Shepard farms. Cheese making has a long tradition in Crete and each area has its own recipes.
Our ‘Tirozouli’is a fresh cheese treated with acid as lemon juice, vinegar or citric acid. We will also try a selection of unique Cretan cheeses. Afterwards, we invite you to bake with us ‘Agniopites’ which are small pies filled with our self-made cheese.

The course includes:

·  Cheese making (Cretan ‘Tirozouli’)
·  Cheese platter with several variations
·  Traditional ‘Agniopites’ baking


25 EUR